Membership of Petersfield CLT

Those who want to support Petersfield Community Land Trust can join as members for £10. Members have the opportunity to shape the activities of the CLT for the long term benefit of their local community.

What would I be supporting?

Petersfield CLT’s first project is a housing development at Reservoir Lane in Petersfield.  CLT’s key aims for this site are:

  1. The facilitation, allocation and sale of self-build plots for local Petersfield households.
  2. The prioritisation of the provision of permanently below-market priced housing for means tested households.
  3. The reinvestment of profits as seed-corn funding for further community led projects for the benefit of the Petersfield area.

Future projects could include more custom and self-build plots, more affordable housing, community buildings or taking on other assets important to the community.

What exactly is a CLT?

Petersfield CLT Ltd is registered as a community benefit society, which is a common legal format for a community land trust.  Legally defined; it must be-

  • Owned by the community
  • Run by the community
  • For the benefit of that geographical community
  • Not for personal profit

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Petersfield CLT has a two tier structure consisting of members and board members.

  • All members have one equal vote at general meetings regardless of the number of shares they own.
  • Members can be put forward and democratically elected as board members.
  • People with a local connection who support the aims of PCLT can become members by buying £10 of shares in the community benefit society.

Unlike a company (such as British Gas) members will not ‘own’ part of the CLT and will not receive any payment from profits. The shares cannot rise in value but may lose value. They cannot be sold. Members of the trust must be over 16.