Petersfield Community Land Trust was founded in 2017, to bring forward one of two self/custom build sites allocated for residential housing development in the Petersfield Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The current project is the facilitation of self/custom build housing that is more affordable than the full market rate equivalent and which prioritises local people.  Some of the site will be reserved for affordable rented homes for local people.

Future projects may include housing for downsizers, more housing for households on medium to lower incomes and community buildings or services.

Petersfield CLT is a Community Benefit Society, owned and run by the local community for the benefit of the geographic area.

The main features of a CLT are:

  • Land ownership. A Trust can secure housing in perpetuity for the community and have an say over important things like layout, design and occupancy.
  • Increased affordability in housing for local people. A Trust can co-create applicant criteria so that those with a strong local connection – through living or working in the town, or having family there have priority for the housing.
  • Access to grant funding. A Trust can access government grants for community led housing and community buildings projects.
  • Financial viability. A Trust can obtain an income from ground rents sufficient to cover the Trust’s running costs and provide a small income for other projects.
  • CLTs are democratic organisations – with membership open to anyone who supports the CLT aims and objectives and who lives or works in Petersfield or the surrounding areas.

You can add your time and expertise to achieve great things! We are committed to building processes and solutions which encourage teamwork, community engagement and communication across the town’s generations. Please take a look around the website, drop us a line or visit a public meeting to find out more.

Legal Registration of the Petersfield CLT


The FCA acknowledges the registration of the following society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society.

Society name: Petersfield Community Land Trust Limited

Registration number: 7577

Registration date: 20 June 2017